23 de fevereiro de 2018

Mall works reach state of the art in precast components

Shopping Parque da Cidade was awarded in the 2017 edition of ABCIC Awards

Placed in the South Zone—one of high-valued regions in the city of Sao Paulo—the Shopping Parque da Cidade has a built-up area above 65.7 thousand sq.mt., mostly built in precast components. The project was awarded as Project of the Year in Precast Concrete by the Associação Brasileira da Construção Industrializada de Concreto (ABCIC).

The Parque da Cidade is a multi-use project designed by OR, composed by an office tower, five corporative towers, a high-level hotel, two residential buildings, kiosks and restaurants, integrated to a linear park.

The design of the mall is composed by six underground pavements for parking and four logistic pavements, in addition to three other technical pavements and the roof. Considering its integration to a large complex, the architectural concept combined entertainment, socialization, nature, culture, diversity, convenience and also shopping in the same space. Gross Lettable Area is of 20,000 sq.mt, distributed through 120 shops.

Environmental impact

Following the architectural design developed by Luiz Felipe Aflalo Herman, from the Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos office, and structural design carried out by Francisco Paulo Graziano, the entire construction works included the supply and assemblage of concrete precast structures by CPI. Founded in July, 1987, this company is one of the pioneers in developing constructive systems with precast elements for supermarket and mall projects.

The proposed process initially included on-site poured structure completed with precast structures. But there were strong arguments in contrary, such as the long period of construction and the high cost of foundations, due to the concentration of resisting efforts in the on-site pouring area.

Therefore, industrial construction was chosen. This concept also ensured to the building the level Silver LEED certification for Neighborhood Development (LEED ND), developed by the US Green Building Council. This means that the project added sustainable improvements to the environment such as care with green areas, areas for leisure and new accesses to urban mobility.

Constructive Challenge

According to the type of soil where the project is placed—at the borders of Pinheiros River—and also due to the architectural design conceived for this project, there were several challenges in building it. On-site consolidated concrete precast structures (slabs, beams and pillars) were used. Works had also the challenge of using the whole structure to resist to the unbalanced thrust, maintaining precast structure as a fundament.

The volume of precast concrete used in the construction of the Parque da Cidade reached 14,600 cu.mt.

Among the innovative technologies used in the construction are the light slabs with Bubbledeck® elements, the ultra-light embankment with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)—appropriate for foundations in soft soils—the high-performance walls, composed by galvanized profiles plated with plaster and filled with mortar—process that reduces worksite waste production in 75 percent—in addition to ready-to-use bathrooms, precast facades and batching concrete plants for on-site production of precast elements.